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Country Joe & The Fish Autographed Guitar, Woodstock LOWER PRICE! $395.00

Celebrate Woodstock’s 50th anniversary with a Country Joe & The Fish autographed guitar. The guitar was autographed by 3 of the bands original bands musicians Country Joe McDonald, Bruce Barthol, David Bennett Cohen and an early drummer Gary “Chicken” Hirsh.

Country Joe & The Fish performed at the original Woodstock on Sunday August 17, 1969 day three of the festival.

There st list from that show was:

1. Rock And Soul Music
2. (Thing Called) Love
3. Love Machine
4. Barry’s Caviar Dream
5. Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine
6. Summer Dresses
7. Crystal Blues
8. F-I-S-H Cheer / I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-To-Die Rag

Country Joe McDonald also performed on Friday August 15, 1969 day one of the festival as a solo act.

The autographs are very vibrant with out any smudges.

The guitar is a Briarwood made by Peavey. It has a couple of minor dings on it, they don’t impact the autographs.


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